Binghatti has revealed the Bugatti Residences, Dubai’s first-ever luxury residential development inspired by the renowned Bugatti brand.

Bugatti Branded Residences

Complete Project Details Set To Be Revealed On May 24th

Bugatti, the esteemed luxury automotive brand, has entered into a groundbreaking collaboration with renowned UAE real estate developer Binghatti to unveil the extraordinary Bugatti Residences in Dubai. This pioneering partnership brings together Mate Rimac, the CEO of Bugatti Rimac, who shares a vision for creating exceptional living spaces, and Muhammad Binghatti, CEO of Binghatti, renowned for his expertise in architectural design and appreciation for automotive luxury. Their collaboration resonates with the words of Ettore Bugatti: “If comparable, it is no longer Bugatti.”

Muhammad Binghatti, CEO of Binghatti, emphasized the exclusive nature of the Bugatti brand and the inherent feeling of luxury it represents. He stated that the Bugatti Residences aim to meticulously recreate this unparalleled experience while offering an exceptionally exclusive retreat in the heart of Dubai. Binghatti further highlighted that every successful luxury brand begins with a well-defined design ethos and a lifestyle philosophy, principles that are evident in the Binghatti brand. Further details about this remarkable project will be unveiled on May 24th, adding to the anticipation surrounding this extraordinary collaboration.

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