“Dubai Secures a Spot in the Top 10 Cities for Quality of Life and Prosperity in 2024”


Dubai Surpasses Cities Including San Francisco, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, and More in Global Livability Rankings

Dubai has achieved a distinguished position in the world’s top 10 cities for quality of life, desirability, and economic opportunity, as revealed in the World’s Best Cities Report by Resonance. Notably, Dubai has outperformed well-known cities such as San Francisco, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, Washington, Istanbul, Vienna, Toronto, Boston, Melbourne, Zurich, Sydney, and others.

Leading the list are London, Paris, New York, Tokyo, Singapore, Dubai, San Francisco, Barcelona, Amsterdam, and Seoul. The report evaluates cities based on indices of livability, desirability, and economic prosperity, encompassing factors like walkability, iconic landmarks, recreational amenities, airport connectivity, cultural offerings, educational institutions, business infrastructure, entrepreneurial ventures, and more.

Dubai, celebrated for iconic landmarks such as the Palm Jumeirah and the Burj Khalifa, secures the eighth position in the “Attractions” subcategory, thanks to its array of extravagant shopping malls, captivating aquariums, indoor ski resorts, themed entertainment parks, and family-friendly resorts, all contributing to its allure.

Within the Arab world rankings, Abu Dhabi closely follows as the second-best city globally, securing the 25th spot, followed by Riyadh at 28th place, Doha at 36th, Kuwait at 58th, and Muscat at 89th.

Chris Fair, President and CEO of Resonance Consultancy, observes that cities worldwide are reassessing their criteria for desirability in light of post-pandemic living, working, and leisure preferences, placing a heightened emphasis on outdoor spaces and urban experiences.

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