“How to Find the Service Charges for a Property in Dubai”

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“Efficient Budget Planning: An Online Resource for Dubai Property Owners to Determine Service Charges”

If you’re contemplating a property purchase in Dubai, it’s vital to consider the associated service charges for property maintenance and management. The Dubai Land Department (DLD) provides prospective homeowners access to a Service Charge Index, accessible via the DLD website or their ‘Dubai REST’ app. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to utilize this invaluable resource.

Understanding Service Charges Service charges are recurring fees intended to cover the maintenance and upkeep of common areas in residential buildings and communities across Dubai. These charges can vary depending on the property and the extent of services outlined in the service contract. Generally, they include costs related to security personnel, cleaning and maintenance services, landscaping, and other aspects of property management.

According to the DLD, service charges, or homeowners’ fees, are crucial considerations for property investors. The Service Charge Index allows individuals to inquire about approved service charges for specific properties and make payments using the ‘Mollak’ service.

This service permits property owners to submit service charge payments to bank accounts endorsed by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency. Owners can then furnish payment receipts to the property management company. Administered by the DLD, this service emphasizes transparency and minimizes potential disputes between property owners, developers, or management firms.

How to Check Service Charges via the DLD Website To access the DLD website’s service charge index page, visit https://dubailand.gov.ae/en/eservices/service-charge-index-overview/#/.

  1. Checking Service Charges via Title Deed Number:
    • Enter the certificate number or title deed number.
    • Specify the certificate issuance year, property type, and the year for which you seek service charge information.
    • Verify your user identity and complete the captcha.
    • Click ‘calculate.’
  2. Checking Service Charges via the Service Fees Indicator:
    • Select the project name from the dropdown menu.
    • Choose the usage type (e.g., office, residential, retail).
    • Indicate the year you wish to inquire about.
    • Verify your user identity and complete the captcha.
    • Click ‘calculate.’
  3. Checking Service Charges via the Locator Map:
    • Verify your user identity and complete the captcha.
    • Choose the property’s location area.
    • A menu will appear on the right.
    • Select the project name from the dropdown.
    • Choose the usage type (e.g., office, residential, retail).
    • Specify the year you want to inquire about.
    • Click ‘calculate.’

Service Charge Index Calculation Upon inquiring about service charges for a property, you will receive information about the managing entity responsible for the property and a detailed breakdown of the service charge costs.

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