How to Replace the Photo on Your Emirates ID

How to Update the Photo on Your Emirates ID Card

Are you facing issues with people recognizing you based on your outdated Emirates ID card photo? If so, it’s important to update your personal photo on your Emirates ID. In this guide, we will walk you through the entire process of changing the photo on your Emirates ID, including the application submission and required documents.

Here’s how you can get an Emirates ID photo change:

  1. Visit one of the customer happiness centers of the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICP) with your original passport and Emirates ID card.
  2. Make sure you have your replacement photo ready, which should be a passport-sized photo with a white background.
  3. Complete the application form for changing information and submit it along with the necessary documents.
  4. Pay the application fee for issuing an Emirates ID card with updated data, which amounts to AED 150 (inclusive of AED 40 service fees).
  5. Provide biometrics, including a new photo and fingerprints, if required.
  6. After submitting the application (usually within 48 hours), you will receive an SMS notification informing you that your updated Emirates ID is ready for collection.
  7. Collect your new ID card from the post office specified in the SMS.

By following these steps, you can easily update the photo on your Emirates ID card to ensure a more accurate representation of your current appearance.

Emirates ID Photo Requirements

To ensure compliance with the latest guidelines set by the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICP), here are the current Emirates ID photo requirements:

  1. The Emirates ID card photo should be of high quality, in color, and taken within the last six months.
  2. The background color of the Emirates ID photo must be white.
  3. The facial features captured in the Emirates ID card photo should appear natural and not be exaggerated.
  4. When taking the photograph, the head position should be straight and parallel to the camera lens.
  5. Keep your eyes open and look directly at the camera lens. Remember that wearing colored lenses is not allowed.
  6. Wearing glasses is permissible as long as they do not obstruct vision or cause reflections.
  7. The attire should ideally be similar to the one worn in the holder’s passport photo. Head coverings are allowed based on national dress or religious beliefs.
  8. The photo resolution should be at least 600 dpi, without any ink traces or distortion.

By adhering to these Emirates ID photo requirements, you can ensure that your ID card photo meets the necessary standards and accurately represents your appearance.

Remember the image guidelines when choosing a new Emirates ID photo (Image Credit: ICP Official Website)
Remember the image guidelines when choosing a new Emirates ID photo (Image Credit: ICP Official Website)

Can I update an Emirates ID photo online?

No, it is not possible to update existing Emirates ID photographs online.

What is the acceptable photo size for Emirates ID?

The photo must be 3.5 cm in width and 4.5 cm in height.

Can I smile for my Emirates ID photo?

Ideally, it is recommended to maintain a neutral facial expression without smiling, frowning, or making any exaggerated expressions in your Emirates ID photo.

Can I change my Emirates ID photo anytime?

Yes, you have the option to change your Emirates ID photo at any time. However, ensure that the new photo adheres to the guidelines set by the ICP.

Why is it important to have a correct photo for Emirates ID?

Having a correct photo on your Emirates ID is crucial as it should accurately represent your current appearance. A mismatched or outdated photo can lead to confusion and difficulties in identification. A correct photo ensures consistency and facilitates smoother interactions when using your Emirates ID for various purposes.

What should I do if I lose my ID card?

In case of a lost Emirates ID card, it is important to report it to the ICP as soon as possible. If your card is lost in a foreign country, please contact the UAE Embassy immediately.
That concludes our guide to changing the Emirates ID photo. Similarly, updating the mobile number associated with your Emirates ID is a straightforward process that can be done online through ICA’s Smart Services.
If you are waiting to receive your Emirates ID card, you may be able to use an e-version of your Emirates ID temporarily.

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