Tenant Seeks Lease Extension Despite Previous Agreement to Vacate UAE Property

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The Tenant Seeks Lease Extension Despite Prior Agreement to Vacate UAE Property

  1. Question: I have been living in a Dubai apartment for three years, and my current lease is set to expire in August. However, my landlord included a clause in the “additional terms” section of the lease agreement stating that the tenancy is limited to one year and is non-renewable. Despite this clause, I have not received any official eviction notice. I wish to extend my tenancy and continue residing in the same property for another year. What options do I have considering the signed contract?

Answer: Although you have signed a lease agreement with a non-renewal clause, it is important to note that such clauses are not legally enforceable in the UAE. As per the regulations set by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency, landlords are obligated to allow tenants to renew their leases if they wish to do so. Therefore, if you disagree with the non-renewal clause, you can raise a dispute and file a case with the Rent Dispute Settlement Committee. The committee is likely to favor your request for lease renewal based on the prevailing laws.

Under UAE law, landlords can only seek eviction for specific reasons, such as selling the property, personal use or occupation by the landlord or their next of kin (with restrictions on re-leasing), major renovations rendering the property uninhabitable during the work, or property demolition.

  1. Question: I have been renting a Dubai villa for five years, and it is time to renew the contract. However, the landlord sent me an incorrect contract with inaccurate figures, and despite my reminders, they have been unresponsive for three weeks. Now, I am receiving reminders from the Dubai Land Department and the community office to upload the new contract. What can I do if the landlord continues to ignore my requests? Can the property developer evict me without a new contract?

Answer: In this situation, it is advisable to utilize the Dubai Land Department’s rental cheque deposit scheme. Submit your rent cheques to the department and obtain a receipt as proof of payment. The department will also contact your landlord to inform them about the submitted cheques. Regarding the rent amount, you should adhere to the mutually agreed figure, not the incorrect amount stated in the contract or the previous rent. Ensure you have evidence, such as communication or documentation, of the agreed-upon terms.

When dealing with the property developer, present the incorrect rental contract (to demonstrate your intent to renew) and the receipts from the Dubai Land Department as proof of rent payment. Explain that the paperwork is being updated and will be resolved soon. This should be sufficient for the developer to allow you to continue residing in the property until the correct paperwork is finalized.

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