Traffic signs in the UAE 2023

“While certain individuals opt for utilizing local transportation for city travel within the UAE, others prefer taking the driver’s seat and navigating the bustling traffic themselves. Nonetheless, whether you find yourself in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or any other emirate, it remains essential to acquaint oneself with the traffic signs prevalent in the UAE.

Typically situated along, beside, or above public roadways, UAE traffic signs stand out with their prominent visibility, providing straightforward guidance and allowing ample time for both pedestrians and drivers to heed their directives. In emirates like Dubai, where heavy traffic is a common occurrence, road signs take on particular significance in ensuring safety and adherence to established regulations.

In the following discussion, we will delve into several commonplace road signs that motorists should be well-versed in while traversing the roads of Dubai and other emirates throughout the nation. Here, we present a selection of traffic signs in the UAE and elucidate their meanings.”


“Just as the name suggests, parking control signs in the UAE serve to demarcate areas where parking is either permissible or prohibited, often with specified time limitations. It’s worth noting that these restrictions are in effect even if drivers remain inside their vehicles. Examples encompass signs for paid parking, designated parking zones for specific vehicle types, and areas reserved for handicapped individuals. With this in mind, it’s imperative for drivers in the UAE to acquaint themselves with these prevalent parking signs:”

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“Mandatory traffic signs serve as clear directives outlining actions that road users are obligated to follow. Typically, these signs feature a circular shape with a blue background and a white circle inside. Some common examples of mandatory traffic signs encompass those indicating “tram-only” lanes, “roundabouts,” and specified “speed limits.” Compliance with these signs is crucial, as they are designed to uphold the safety of all individuals on the road. Failure to adhere to mandatory traffic signs may lead to fines or penalties.”

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“Prohibitory road signs clearly convey actions that are restricted on UAE roadways. These signs are typically circular in shape and feature a white background with a red circle inside. Common examples of prohibitory road signs include those indicating “no U-turn” and “no overtaking.” Compliance with these signs is of utmost importance, as they are intended to safeguard the well-being of all road users. Disregarding prohibitory road signs may lead to fines or penalties.”

Prohibitory Road Signs


“Pioneering guide signs play a vital role in conveying the direction and distance to various destinations. These signs are typically rectangular, sporting a green background with a white border. Notable examples of pioneering guide signs encompass those pointing to destinations such as “Dubai Airport” and “Tourist Destinations.” Compliance with these signs is essential, as they are tailored to assist drivers in navigating the roads and reaching their intended destinations.”

Trailblazing Guide Signs


“Advanced warning signs serve as an early alert to impeding hazards or alterations in the road’s condition ahead. Typically, these signs take on a triangular shape with a white background and a red border. Notable instances of advanced warning signs include those forewarning a “sharp turn ahead” and “construction zone ahead.” Compliance with these signs is crucial, as they provide drivers with vital advanced notice of potential risks, enabling them to plan their routes and reach their destinations safely.”

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“Control signs are pivotal in regulating the direction and flow of traffic on roadways. Typically, these signs take on a rectangular shape with a red background. Prominent instances of control signs encompass those conveying messages like “give-way,” “no entry,” and “stop.” Compliance with these signs is of utmost importance, as they are tailored to facilitate the smooth and efficient flow of traffic. It is imperative to adhere to control signs to prevent confusion and traffic congestion.”

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“Advance guide signs in the UAE serve as early notifications of impending exits, turns, or destinations. These signs typically take on a rectangular form, often featuring a combination of white and green backgrounds. Illustrative examples of advance guide signs include those indicating upcoming turns to locations like ‘Jumeira.’ Adherence to these signs is crucial, as they furnish drivers with advanced information, aiding them in route planning and ensuring safe arrival at their intended destinations.”

Advance Guide Signs


“Diagrammatic warning signs offer visual representations of potential road hazards or alterations ahead. These signs typically assume a rectangular format, with a white background and black graphical elements. Notable instances of diagrammatic warning signs incorporate those depicting “sharp turn” and “lane closure,” employing illustrations or symbols to aid drivers in comprehending the nature of the impending hazard or road modification.”

Diagrammatic Warning Signs


“Hazard marker signs serve to pinpoint the positions of particular road hazards. These signs typically adopt a rectangular format. Prominent instances of hazard marker signs encompass those labeled as “Hazard Plate” and “T-Junction Chevron,” offering vital information to drivers for safe road navigation and hazard avoidance.”

Hazard Marker Signs

Other Important Uae Traffic Signs

Other Important Uae Traffic Signs

“Among other crucial traffic signs in the UAE are the ‘count-down markers,’ ‘lane ahead open/close,’ and ‘roadwork ahead’ signs. These signs serve to convey specific details to drivers, such as the presence of a school zone, a designated bicycle lane, or the proximity of a Salik toll zone. It is imperative to heed these signs, as they furnish drivers with vital information to navigate the roads and reach their destinations safely. In summary, these encompass the array of Traffic Signs in the UAE with their respective meanings. Traffic signs assume a pivotal role in upholding safety and the smooth flow of traffic on the UAE’s roadways. Drivers, pedestrians, and all road users must acquaint themselves with the diverse types of traffic signs and their associated meanings.”

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