UAE: Federal Tax Authority’s Innovative Initiatives Yield Impressive Outcomes


The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) made an announcement on Monday, highlighting the significant achievements of its pioneering projects, the Muwafaq package and Specialised Tax Agent transformational initiatives, which were launched earlier this year. These projects have yielded remarkable outcomes by streamlining compliance processes for taxpayers.

The introduction of these projects is an integral part of the Authority’s strategy to contribute to the government’s initiatives in designing transformative projects of substantial impact. These initiatives aim to pave the way for significant advancements in the national economy across various government sectors, aligning with the UAE Government’s innovative approach.

The Muwafaq package is specifically tailored to enhance business practices and simplify tax compliance for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). This project offers innovative tax solutions designed to support and empower youth within the SME sector, enabling their active participation across different economic domains. Conversely, the Specialised Tax Agent project’s objective is to establish a mechanism that allows taxpayers to select a tax agent specialized in the relevant sector. This selection is based on the nature of the taxable activity, with a list of 10 diverse sectors identified from the experiences of certified tax agents registered with the Authority.

Khalid Ali Al Bustani, the Director-General of the FTA, expressed, “The recent indicators showcase the positive impact of these initiatives and their role in creating a procedural environment that encourages and simplifies self-compliance with tax regulations. This is in line with our strategy to contribute to the government’s endeavors in boosting the UAE’s competitiveness by focusing on the sustainable enhancement of government services.”

He further added, “The Federal Tax Authority is committed to continually developing its services to meet taxpayers’ expectations and enhance their experiences. Our innovative tax compliance solutions are formulated based on feedback received directly from taxpayers. We aim to involve taxpayers in the ongoing development and improvement of our services, all while adhering to the highest quality standards. A primary focus is on reducing the time and effort required for completing transactions.”

The FTA emphasized that over 51,660 taxpayers within the SME sector are eligible to access the diverse services, incentives, and benefits provided through the “Muwafaq package” via the EmaraTax digital tax services platform.

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